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Dog & Puppy Training Services

We offer in-person dog & puppy training in Vancouver and the surrounding areas and online virtual training sessions via Zoom.

Explore our training options and help us build a special bond between you and your pet. Our positive reinforcement methods help you train your dog through love, play and understanding. Explore our training options below. 

🐾 Tailored Dog and Puppy Consultations

Our private training sessions take a personalized approach to help alleviate your training challenges to set you and your dog up for success. Our sessions walk you through key training principles for consistent daily training and offer you the chance to discuss your pet’s unique behavioural issues. We practice positive reinforcement training in a safe environment to form a lasting relationship with your best friend.

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🐾 Group Puppy Classes

Learn simple and practical strategies to build important behaviours that will set the stage for your puppy’s future learning. Learn positive and practical training methods that will help your puppy grow into a well-mannered dog. Our small group classes are perfect for socializing your new puppy and fostering learning alongside other new parents.

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🐾 Group Skills Classes

Learn practical leash & recall skills or have some fun with our engaging trick classes. Build solid foundations and establish trust with your dog on or off leash and learn strategies to keep your dog mentally active.

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🐾 Dog Agility Training

Introduce your dog to the joys of agility courses. Consisting of jumps, tunnels, teeters, weave-poles, and more, agility training provides an opportunity to release some of your dogs pent-up energy, maintain their fitness, and stimulate their mind. Whether you’re wanting to build a strong bond with your new puppy, or looking for ways to keep your dog active and mentally stimulated, there’s an agility class for you!

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🐾 Virtual Dog & Puppy Training via Zoom

Learn on your own schedule from anywhere with an internet connection. Our virtual training sessions offer all the benefits of our private lessons with more scheduling flexibility and no need to travel. Online training is an excellent option for dog and puppy owners living in remote areas without access to training resources.

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