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Our Philosophy

As we get busier and our physical world gets denser, we start to ask our dogs for a lot more than they are designed for. We expect them to adjust to our lives and live in our world and they do. Some better than others. We have invited them to live in our environment, so it’s our responsibility to  help them to be the best they can be.


Our Training Philosophy:

  • We choose to cultivate positive experiences, using practical skills to build behaviours
  • We use humane, reward-based and science-based methods to train dogs. 
  • We ensure best practices and maintain competence in the field of dog training through continuing education courses and hands-on experience. 
  • We are committed to Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive (LIMA) strategies to help build trusting relationships with the dogs. 
  • We follow best practices to increase resilience and empower your dog to build trust and connection with you.
  • We believe the foundation of all training should be based on positive reinforcement. 
  • We choose to follow the “Hierarchy of Procedures for Humane and Effective Practice” by Susan Friedman when making training and behaviour modification decisions – Hierarchy Road Map



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